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Getting into groupwork and class presenations.

Hey Guys and welcome to week two of Just Jodie’s Journal.

This week has come with it’s challenges. The assignments are starting to pile up and with the infamous RAG week looming its a race to get everything done. So what have I been up to ?

Public admin and groupwork

This semester I have been taking Public Administration. Our assignment for this has been crazy. Our lecturers made up a country with its own language, culture, climate, the works and tasked us with setting up the public admin sectors for this made up country. It sounds absolutely ridiculous, I know but the project is actually in conjunction with The Limerick Spring Festival so it’s a pretty big deal!

My groups question was on overseeing infrastructural development.It’s a mouthful and it sounds boring I know! Once we starting researching however, the differences in the way different countries do things in terms of water, transport and energy actually gives a lot of food for thought.


Are you a groupwork fanatic or a lone ranger? I’m in a group with 4 other people for this project which is new for me as I didn’t have any groupwork last semester. I’ve found this has eased pressure in places but added pressure in others. While I feel there are some pros and some cons, I’ve really enjoyed working with my group on this assignment.

  • Reduced the work load
  • I felt I had support if I needed help
  • I was more comfortable asking my group member questions than adressing my lecturer
  • Added pressure to do well to not let down your group
  • If your group members can’t make the lecturers you might be missing material
  • It’s hard to find a time to meet up that suits everyone

Presentation Panic

I will admit I’m well able to talk , if you learn anything from this blog over the coming weeks it will be that. I’d talk to the wall , the ceiling and the floor but ask me to present to my class and I’m hoping I catch the mumps and get out of it. This week my radio module made me face my fears and present to my class. For our end of semester assignment we have to conduct interviews and submit a 6 minute audio.

My idea is to look at the grinds culture in the Irish education system and interview teachers, grinds teachers and students on why grinds are needed and whether they are fair. Presenting this idea to my class wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Although it was daunting with the eyes of 30 future journalists on me I managed to remain calm, talk slow and get my point across. How do you feel about group presentations? Do you pray to catch any illness going like I do? .

What I’m reading

Thanks for reading – Jodie x

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